MyCloudMirror, opens Admin page but no file access on Win10

Hello, I’m trying to use my My Cloud Mirror NAS drive on Windows 10 64-bit. I’ve connected it directly to my modem, and it’s icon shows up in ThisPC under Network, however when I double-click it, instead of opening an Explorer window, it opens the Admin page in a browser. This is the first time I’ve tried to use it since upgrading to Windows 10, and I’ve also replaced my modem (I have Netgear C6250) Previously, on Windows 7 64-bit, when I connected the NAS to my modem and double-clicked it’s icon, it opened the file system in Explorer, no problem. Could someone please tell me I have to set it up for Windows 10 in some way? I’m attaching a screen capture from the admin page. Should anything here be enabled that isn’t? On the admin page, I can see that the drive is healthy. I can access the files from my Mac, so it’s only a problem on Windows 10. I already tried adding a Windows Certificate, and no change. Thank you for your help!

@MelodyJane Windows 10 no longer works the same as Windows 7. SMBv1 and Network Browser is disabled in Windows 10. Here’s how to map your My Cloud Share in Windows 10

How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10

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Thanks so much, SBrown! :slight_smile: I’ll try this later today.

I tried to map the drive according to the instructions, and got an error saying it couldn’t be found, so I ran Network Diagnostics and got the attached error. Does anyone have any suggestions? From the admin page, I checked for firmware updates and it says there is one, but I don’t know if that could cause these problems or not, and I hesitate to make things worse. At least now I can access the drive from my Mac, and I’m not sure if updating firmware could ruin that. Any advice welcome! Thanks!

I went ahead and updated the firmware, and now when I go to ThisPC Network and enter //MYCLOUDMIRROR in the address bar, as in the instructions for mapping by name, it just opens an internet search in a browser. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!