Cannot access mycloud 2TB unless connected to the router (wifi or cable)

Have attempted to remotely connect to a My Cloud with zero success for over two weeks. HD is connected to my netgear c6300 modem/router via ether net cable. Am able to access the HD through my phone and tablet with no problem. After reviewing scouring the manuals for both HD and router, as well as numerous youtube videos trying to self diagnose the issues I am at my wits end. Does it take a degree in computers to make this device work as intended? Any help would be appreciated…thanks.

If no devices will connect to the My Cloud remotely there are several steps to take. First is to ensure you’ve enabled Remote Access through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page. Second, ensure it indicates a connected status under Remote Access. Third, ensure the User account has been granted remote access permission through the Dashboard > Cloud Access page. Fourth, check to ensure your broadband provider isn’t blocking inbound ports (80/443) on your internet connection. Use a site like to check open ports.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have verified that my remote access is enabled and currently showing connected. However, the site provided indicates that neither port 80 nor 443 are open. Additionally, my cloud access page shows an active code for registration but i am confused as to how to use that to authenticate my laptop along with opening up the above mentioned ports.

See either the My Cloud User Manual ( or the My Cloud Dashboard Help for general directions on how to change the My Cloud remote access ports from 80/443 to alternate ports. After changing the ports within the Dashboard one would then configure port forwarding to those two ports on the My Cloud within their router. One can perform an internet search using the model name/number of their router for general steps to enable and configure port forwarding within that router.