Cannot access My Cloud on LAN without internet

I’ve googled this and i’m pretty sure it can be done but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’ve had a few internet issues at my house which was to do with the ISP and nothing to do with the hardware of my internal network. I noticed that when the internet was down, i cannot access my My Cloud NAS. I’ve turned off my cloud services from accessing from remote locations as i would just like to use it for internal LAN use only. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

My NAS is connected to my ISP Router. Simple setup and nothing fancy, so the router should serrvin IPs fine without internet. Any ideas? Is there an option i need to enable? What is the ‘Remote Service’ option in the dashboard of my cloud app, it’s currently set to off, should it be on?

Thanks as always for your time

Sorry mate…the problem isn’t the My Cloud itself, but something about how your ISP router is doing internal IP routing. From your local computer, start ping and traceroute to the IP of your My Cloud. Could also be some type of router security setting that needs to be modified.

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Well, you’re right. It does work. Apologies! What is actually happening, is that when i’m actually using the NAS browsing, it boots my router? The router remains on but boots out and i cannot even ping it! I’m actually using powerline adapters from my NAS to the the router and has worked fine for years. Only recently it has started happening. Any ideas what this could be? Or is this another post elsewhere?

Do you mean that you are opening Windows Explorer or macOS Finder to product a Public or Private share on the My Cloud, your network router reboots? I’ve never heard of such a thing and you may want to isolate the issue by connecting the My Cloud and the computer directly to the network router via Ethernet cable. Basically you’re in “trial and error” phase to narrow things down.