Cannot access dashboard from iPad or iPhone

Hi there

According to my My Cloud manual I should be able to access the Dashboard through an iPad or iPhone (mobile device) on the same network my typing http://[name] or https://[name] into the web browser. But it doesn’t seem to work. I get a blank web page that says Safari cannot open the page.

Any ideas?

Try using the IP address of your MyCloud.

For whatever reason, the device names are not being resolved.

Awesome thanks so much! It’s working.

Grrr it seems to have stopped working now.

It has been working fine for weeks but now when I attempt to access Dashboard from any iPhone or iPad it says Safari cannot find the page. I am using the IP address of My Cloud. I can access the Dashboard from my PC but that involves obviously cranking it up.

I have tried rebooting My Cloud and all devices and resetting the router.

Any ideas on how I can get access to the Dashboard on iPhone/iPad again?

Are you sure the IP address hasn’t been changed by your router?

It is a good idea to set all devices to be assigned an address that is either static, or infinite lease DHCP. Do this at the router.

Thanks again cpt_paranoia. Yes the IP address had changed. I cannot seem to access the setting on my router in Explorer without a Login and Password. The router I think technically belongs to my provider. Is it worth changing to Static in the Dashboard? If so, I am not sure what a Netmask is or what I should enter into that field. Any ideas?

Often broadband provider routers/gateways will have the various passwords (and MAC address) listed either on the side or bottom of the device. There is typically an administrator password that is used to access the router/gateway’s administration screens that is different from the WiFi password.