Can someone PLEASE help me underatand a particular option on the DL4100!

It’s this one:

I’ve never understood it, never got it work. WD in this instance has not been helpful. I’ve never got it to work.

Am I missing something? The DL4100 is a NAS. It’s not a router.

I think it just opens a port on the NAS and give you the option to change listen on to send to. For example if you had something on your nas that used 8080 only, but you had another device on your network that used 8080 from the outside world. You can tell the box to listen on 8088 but got to 8080 So from outside the lan to get to 8080 on the nas, you would use 8088

… but you do that sort of port forwarding on the router that sits between the LAN and the WAN. This is what’s going my tree in. I’ve tried to play with the DL4100’s option, but nothing seems to work and it still don’t make sense. For port forwarding there is a need for a router. The DL4100 is not a router.

There is not much that stumps me, but this one has absolutely stumped me.

The idea may be to configure it on the DL and it will UPnP the router for you?

UPnP is not a secure protocol. Especially with devices and programs can simply open ports into one’s network. At my router UPnP us disabled and I control port forwarding at the router manually. Thanks for the suggestion, but you did put a ? at the end of the reply.

WD’s put this option us with next to zero explanations or descriptions on it’s exact purpose. :frowning:

I think this is a “feature” for folks who do not know how to forward a port. It will use UPnP for you. Obviously if you have UPnP disabled nothing happens

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