Why is the DL4100 (and others) not correctly managing UPnP settings?

After a router reboot I get this . . …

NAS says . . . .

Router says . . . .

I have to select each entry on the DL NAS and select save for the NAS to push the UPnP setting to the router. I wonder why the NAS’s OS does not detect that the router’s lost it’s UPnP table and set the router with the desired UPnP settings.


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15243

@Jonty.S, I’ve already done this and it works. if the NAS it rebooted then the UPnP settings are correctly sent to the router.

The problem identified here is that there seems to be a bug where the DL4100 does not check-up on the router to see if the UPnP tables are still there.

Here is a typical senario that would trigger this issue and this happens with Sky Broadband.

Something happens on the ISP’s side which makes the router lose it’s public IP address. As in the DHCP renew request fails. What then happens is that the ISP DHCP’s server gives the router a different public IP address, but some process within the router clears the UPnP table.

The DL4100’s OS3 does not notice this. I have to notice this, go the Port Forwarding option on the DL4100 and manually “Save” each entry without making any changes. If the Router resets or the ISP changes its public IP address then I have to, again, get the DL4100 to manually save each UPnP setting without making any alterations to push the configurations to the router.

What can be done for the DL4100 (and other WD NAS’s) automaticaly make such corrections without manual user intervention?

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@rgtalk, thanks for the like. This issue has been present right from the start. Has been reported several times.

Would it be star difficult for the WD’s OS3 operating with the NASs to, say, check the router’s UPnP periodically and noticed that the entries are not present, to resend them to the router automatically.

I believe @Jonty.S is looking into this.