Who has noticed they have app connection issues whern router's public IP changes?

The scenario here is that something happens at the ISP (Let’s assume Sky Broadband) and you’re using UPnP on the router and set-up port forwarding entries on the DL so the DL sets up port forwarding on the router.

I’ve noticed that if the ISP does something that causes the router’s IP to change, the router wipes it’s UPnP tables, the DL does not see the public IP change, does not re-apply UPnP entries it sent to the router and the MyCloud remote access service in the DL does not send the new public IP to WD’s servers and does not seem to revert to a relayed connection.

The WD KBA of turning off the MyCloud option and turning it back on does not always seem to work. A reboot of the NAS is necessary.

Also, if you’re using Plex and allowing access from the Internet and have defined Poer Forwarding on the NAS, that fails too until the DL re-sends to the router the port Plex is using to allow access from the Internet.

I think this is an on-going bug.

Who can validate/verify this?

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

I have managed to verify th this is true. It’s just taken time because I’ve had to wait for the ISP’s back-end systems change the router’s public IP without the router being power cycled or reset.

The MyCloud OS does not sense this. The KBA about this issue does not always work.

It’s a problem because the MyCloud OS does not send the changed public IP address to WD’s servers and the connection still remains a port forwarded connection so none of the WD apps work from outside the LAN where the MyCloud OS resides. (For anyone not technically minded the MyCloud OS is the DL’s firmware.)

The fix is simple. Get MyCloud OS to somehow periodically check what the LAN’s public IP is set to and if there is a changhe to what it knows, make the necessary internal adjustments and let the WD servers know of the change.