Cannot connect to My Cloud after switching ISP

Hi, I recently changed from Comcast/Xfinity to CenturyLink Fiber. With the new router, I cannot access My Cloud. It seems that my new router is not seeing MyCloud. The MyCloud is connected to the router; the blue light in front is solid, and the green light in back is also solid.

I do not know what to do next. I found a few posts on here that described a similar issue, but the solutions provided were not helpful or relevant. I still have the Comcast modem, so should I use that to access MyCloud, and “reset” stuff?

Please advise, and thank you.


Is the My Cloud connected to one of the networking ports, not the WAN port, on the router? Typically there will be four networking ports on a ISP router and you connect the My Cloud to one of them.

Next, if you have previously configured your My Cloud with a static IP address within the My Cloud Dashboard, that IP address subnet may be different than the subnet used by the new router. Performing a 4 second reset should reset the My Cloud IP address setting back to default so it pulls an IP address from the router.

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device

In certain rare cases an ISP router can conflict with the My Cloud. The workaround is to connect the My Cloud to a network switch, then connect that network switch to the ISP router.

My Cloud is not recognized when connected to AT&T Uverse, Pace, Arris, Ubee or Sonic Gateway Routers

@Bennor Thank you very much. The 4 second reset did the trick. I had a hunch I needed to reset the IP Address, but could not confirm if the 4 second reset would reset the IP.