Blue Flashing Light / No Access

I have a 4TB MyCloud that I purchased in December 2015 that has been nothing but trouble over the last 3 months. To be honest, it is more related to being a novice with this than the device, most likely.

November-January, this device was functioning flawlessly, access and backups. More recently I was troubleshooting it because it wasn’t available by any means and couldn’t find it pulling an IP.

I did:

  1. 4 second reset - Didn’t improve anything
  2. 40 second reset - The device didn’t react the way I would have expected from the videos and literature I consumed.

Nonetheless, the device is now visible on the network but the admin password (which should be nothing following the reset) doesn’t work. The blue light has been flashing for 5 days now.

Can someone help me? What am I missing? Appreciate the help (from the novice)

There are several past discussions on flashing front blue LED along with no access that one can find using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right). For example this discussion:

One suggestion (indicated in that thread) that some have used is to Telnet into their My Cloud and issue the following two commands:

e2fsck /dev/sda3
reboot -f

Note one uses SSH/Telnet at their own risk!!!

point duly noted. Thanks for your guidance.

Note that the two SSH commands posted in my prior post were used on a second generation single bay My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-10). It may or may not work on multi bay My Cloud models.