Accessing MyCloud / Blue Flashing Light

I have a 4TB MyCloud that I purchased in December 2015 that has been nothing but trouble over the last 3 months. To be honest, it is more related to being a novice with this than the device, most likely.

November-January, this device was functioning flawlessly, access and backups. More recently I was troubleshooting it because it wasn’t available by any means and couldn’t find it pulling an IP.

I did:

  1. 4 second reset - Didn’t improve anything
  2. 40 second reset - The device didn’t react the way I would have expected from the videos and literature I consumed.

Nonetheless, the device is now visible on the network but the admin password (which should be nothing following the reset) doesn’t work. The blue light has been flashing for 5 days now.

Can someone help me? What am I missing? Appreciate the help (from the novice)


If you have a flashing blue LED on the front, then you don’t have a My Cloud Home device.

Thank you. I’ll repost in the proper thread.