2nd Gen Single Bay My Cloud - Red Light

Hi all,

I have a 4TB 2nd Gen Single Bay My Cloud and had to power it down due to electricty being turned off. I did this through the iOS app. When the power went back on, I turned the device back on. I now have a flashing red light.

I’ve read a few posts here and followed suggestions. I’ve done multiple 3 sec / 40 sec resets ( it flashes blue for about 30 secs then turns red ), I’ve replaced cables, and left it for 24 hours in case it was over heating, but the red light continues to flash.

I’ve taken the drive out of the casing, attached it to a Linux machine and have successfully moved my files to other storage. Now that’s done, I want to see if I can get the drive back into the casing and working again. As I can see different partitions ( 4 x 1.1GB, 1 x 2.1GB and 1 x 4.0TB ), I assume I can’t just format it all, so I’ve been searching for instructions on what to do. I found the following post that was for 1st Gen, but also included links to 2nd Gen instructions as well :

However, it looks like the user of the website listed has unfortunately removed all details regarding WD My Cloud.

Can anyone help with instructions for a 4TB 2nd Gen please, or is the casing knackered if the drive works outside of the casing?

Thank you!


Someone mirrored the files on another website and a user posted it to another recent discussion in this OS5 subforum.

That’s brilliant, thank you @Bennor .

Hi @Bennor ,

Can I just ask please, I’ve completed all the stages but when it comes to accessing the WebGUI again I’m unable to access it to update the firmware. Does this mean the drive is fine, the device itself is faulty?



What color is the front LED on the single bay My Cloud? Blue, Red or some other color?

Sometimes one has to perform the “unbrick” procedure a couple of times before they get it right. One may have to remove the existing partitions first before creating the partitions per Fox_Exe’s directions. One should not change any of the partition values to match the size of their hard drive when creating the partitions. Use the exact values. It is often wise to perform a 40 second reset post unbrick just after one boots the unit for the first time after unbrick.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device

And just to confirm that you actually have a second generation OS5 compatible single bay My Cloud. Check the P/N number on the bottom of the My Cloud enclosure, it should end in “-10”.

Edit to add: One may have to run a e2fsck on the second gen My Cloud’s sda3 partition if the unit shows a flashing blue front LED with no access.

Hi @Bennor ,

Thank you for responding.

Tried 3 x 40sec resets - the 3rd one seemed to do it and I can now access the GUI.

Thank you very much for your help!