Blank Control Panel

Accidentaly, I upgraded my WD MyCloud 4TB(Single Drive) to V4 through my iPhone. I let the upgrade finish and then I modified the /etc/Version file and changed it to version 3.

After that I upgraded the firmware using the V3 file.

Since then MyCloud boots normaly I can access my files localy and remotely but I cant access the Conrol Panel and SSH. Reset button didn’t work.

The only thing I get when I hitting the MyCloud’s IP on my browser is that Screen:

I have no backup of my files and I cant back them up cause I dont have any spare disks. Any advices?

 HI I have a similar issue.

I can load the UI / control panel but all the fields are blank and non responsive. I cannot update firmware and have even tried a full factory reset but it just hangs.

I can still acess the contents using mobile devices and laptop etc but i the auto upload has stopped working also.

is there a way of doing a factory reset without accessing the UI?


I have exactly the same predicament, v4 was useless AGAIN 

rolled back, now I can access files locally but I have no management of the device at all


I had this problem but the 40 second reset has sorted it for me:smiley:

Whats the difference between pressing the reset button 5 and 40 seconds?

I dont Know the difference but I unplugged the device then pushed in the reset button before reconnecting the power and then kept the reset button in for 40 seconds + and released it and after the MYCloud finished initiallising I had to set up users again and the dashboard was back as it should be.

I should add that this problem occurred after downgrading the firmware due to incompattability with usb3 hard drives.

although I have downgraded several times before without any issue.

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I dont know how to thank ya bruv! As you said, I have to set everything up again, but I have a my MyCloud in a working state again!

did you lose your data after the 40 second reset?

That was, what I was afraid of but, it seems to be just a system reseting. No harm for your files.

sweet, just to be on the safe side I am snapping about 800GB of music, not too fussed about the rest

would you mind running through a quick step by step for the 40 second reset?

Unplug all the cable and leave it there for 30 sec

Plug the ethernet cable back

Then while your pluging the power cable, make sure the reset button is pressed. (Keep pressing the reset button)

The mycloud’s led will be flashing. After 40 seconds release the reset button and wait for your mycloud to boot up.

BOOM! Control Panel is back!

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after downgrading my device i had the same problem. Ευχαριστώ ρε Κυριάκο and Tel911 for the solution ^^… 

Now after reboot i see the white blinking all the time. Let’s see how this will continue…

Να’σε καλά πατρίδα. Let us know if everything’s set now!

Hey Kyriacos, thanks for the guidance :slight_smile: all back to err older working firmware

the 40 seconde reset is a system only restore which deletes users and passwords but not data and shares. I have omnior issues since the July FW upgrade and finally did a system only restore then applied the latest FW upgrade and things are better then ever

if you use a USB disk disconnect it before this and wait for everything to be stable before connecting it back up

So the conclusion is…

After upgrading to everything was broken. When i connected an external USB everything the device was freezing to death.

The solution was downgrading to the latest V3 firmware. After doing that i had the same problem as Kyriacos had. The 40sec gave solution to my problem (all settings were resseted) and everything is working just  fine now. I have a working mycloud device, access through cloud service and with 2 external disks attached. 

NEVER going to update firmware again.

I suspect your issue actually existed before the upgrade which may have made it worse and the system only (40 second) restore was the real fix.

If you didconnect the USB drives apply the upgrade again then after verifying good operation re-connect the USB drive I believe you will still be ok

larryg0 i have checked all possible things before downgrading. Reboot, shutdown, system restore, re-install firmware with all possible combinations but same luck. Now i’m ok. Everything is working fine (at least the way i want to) so no need to upgrade and test again…