Backups Failing But use to work fine

Here we go again. I have not changed much. I have a WD myCloud v2 and a WD. 6tb Drive connected. I did a backup a few months back and it did a FULL backup. Over 4TB. Now it “fails”. After only 5 min. Im using all WD products. I rebooted the WD MC v2 and all that stuff. I dont get it. Im on FW 2.31.195 and am Sometimes prompted to update. But The old WD bugs are Always lurking I would have to do a manual FW update. If I use the web UI (Check for updates) the error is “Unable to connect to the firmware update server. Please check the network connection and try again”.

Yes a manual update is required. See this.

NICE! that seems to have Fixed it. I have had the WD MyCloud Personal since it first came out. I even Opted not to buy the New Wd Home version. I was able to find a nice low use 6tb V2 online. I try to be loyal. But the Bugs Never go away. Anyways thanks for the info and Help.

here is the Release notes for this version of FW. Hopefully they will keep improving it.

What’s new!
Security Fixes

  • Addressed FTP vulnerability that would allow an unauthenticated attacker to inject commands prior to TLS authentication (CVE-2011-1575).
  • Resolved issue where remote access could not be disabled.

Bug and Other Fixes:

  • Updated EULA.
  • Resolved user lockout due to special characters in the password field.

EDIT: Update I did the Firmware update successful and im still getting a “Backup Failed” message. I want to throw this thing out the window !

where is the log stored? Why cant this simple stuff just work?