WD My Cloud Remote Backup will not add a new backup. Previously created backups working fine

Unit 1, wd mycloud 3 TB firmware 2.31.149 with 7 remote backups working fine to:
Unit 2 WD PR4100.

Issue: Unit 1 had 8 backups working fine to Unit 2. Deleted one. Tried to create a new backup to unit 2 but at point where unit 1 connect to remote unite via cloud, it just spins and never connects to unit 2.


You should refer the steps given in the table under C Category and check whether all the steps are followed in the same manner as it should. You can refer the link given to look for the steps mentioned in the support KB article.

In case you didn’t know. The issue is with the firmware. Backup functionality was broken looks like in the 2.31.x versions. WD is unresponsive on the issue for some reason. Backup should be their TOP priority, however, it seems they are too worried about security and call this a security fix to break basic functions.

If you want backup to work, you’ll have to get back to 2.30.x versions. The earlier the better. But oh, you will have no security, right?

Steve Martin

Just what I did.

Bill Funk