Backup Duration?

I just did my first Smartware Backup to a 3TB WD external Drive and it seems to have been successful.

My question is " how long should it take to make a Backup of say 30 Gb?

Is there a ’ Rule of thumb ’ to how long a certain amount of Data will take to be Backed Up?

The reason I ask is because it took about 15 hours in total?


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There are several factors ranging to connection interface (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gigabit, Wireless) to physical computer specs and available resources that affect performance. 

Before I click the Star, I have a few more questions - so 15+ hours Backup Duration is fairly normal you are saying?

I have so much to learn about doing Backup & Restore?

Where is the Manual to DownLoad please?


It can be yes - it also depends on quite how busy the files you are trying to backup are, as if they are in use then they may not be available for the backup. I’ve had a large (2TB or so) backup take over 24 hours, and that was to a USB3 WD Elements drive directly connected to my WD MyCloud Mirror. It’s the kind of task you set going and leave overnight, and possibly then some…

The Smartware manual is available from here - linked from the MCM download page but I think it’s generic. If you want to check something more specific the general download page is  here, from there you can choose your perhaps more relevant product and confirm yourself.


That’s terrific

Many thanks again!

I will click the Star (kudos) in appreciation however I still have a few things to ask about?

Using the Smartware Backup-Restore product I presume only changed files will be saved next time I do a back-up, rather than the entire 15 hour process again?

Is it possible to pick individual file(s) from the Backup drive and drag / copy them if required?


The answers are yes and yes.

Check this information out for more on My Cloud │ How it Works.

For more Help with SmartWare click on or activate the Help tab. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to the Online User Manuals, see image below.

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Troubles with my server yday so apologies for not responding sooner!

You have been extremely helpful!

Again my thanks!