Very slow backup


I have setup a backup to my WD MyCloud 4T from the following sources:

 - Laptop HD (600GB; 80GB used);

 - WD Passport (640GB; 600GB used);

 - MyBook (3T; 1T used).

After a very long 4day wait, WD Smartware has not been able to complete the backup:

 - Laptop HD has completed;

 - WD Passport is about 

 - WD MyBook is about 

I have all latest drivers and firmware installed for every single product.

I’m connect to the MyCoud book with a 1Gb wired network and the external drive are connected to the laptop via USB.

I can see files being added 1 by 1 in the WD smartware backup status and when checking the network status, the usage is very very poor.

A “normal copy” of this volume of data would take surely less than 24h. What is the problem here?


I recommend you uninstall WD Smartware and reinstall its latest version. Please make sure you uninstall everything that mentions WD Smartware before you reinstall it. Sometimes you may have more than one version installed and this may the causing the issue.