WD Smartware takes a LONG time to backup files

I have WD smartware backing up to the hard drive it came with. Been running for over 12 hours, still not done. It is incrementally backing up files, and running along, but 12 hours and running? My Dell Backup and Recovery takes about two hours. What’s up with this?

Think about it! If you did your Dell Backup and Recovery as I had to since I have Windows 10 I did it to a USB Flash Drive attached to the Computer. My Flash Drive is USB 2.0 and would have been faster if I had one for USB 3.0.

Now, how is your My Cloud Connected and at what speed?


should have mentioned. I am backing up to a WD Passport exernal hard drive USB 3.0. It finally finished, took about 24 hours. My Dell was to an external USB 2.0.