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I have a Passport Ultra and had it on continuous backup, however, I found that the drive was not backing up.  Will the Ultra backup if the computer is in “sleep” or “hibernate” mode?  Also it seems to take about 1.5 - 2 hours to backup 5.7G.  That seems like a long time.

I have since set it to backup on a schedule.  Second question:  If the computer is not powered up and it misses the scheduled time will the Ultra immediately begin a backup when powered up or will it skip until the next scheduled time?

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  1. WD SmartWare does not run while your computer is hybernating. It needs for the computer to have an active session.

  2. WD SmartWare will wait until the next schedule cycle if a cycle is missed.

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Good and quick response.  Thank you.  How about he time to backup.  In my case its about 5.7 gig in 1.5 to 2 hours, mostly documents.

There are several factors that affect backup speed from actual hardware components (Raw processing) to available resources and total number of files (A single 4GB file will be copied much faster than 4,000 1MB files).