Backup advice needed -- WDSmartware stopped working

I’ve spent parts of four days trying to figure out how to back up two Win 10 laptops, one of which is connected via USB to a My Book hard drive filled with photos. Can someone help me, please?

The only way I could figure out to back up at least two parts of my little home network was to backup my laptop onto the MY Book using 3rd party backup software. This I have set to backup as all selected files are changed. Next, I configured WD Smartware to back up the My Book drive every the hour and store the files on my new My Cloud Mirror 2nd Gen drive.

This seemed like a clunky solution, but it worked fine for an entire day. The laptop backed up continuously and the My Book was backed to the My Cloud each hour.

Then came the next morning. My WD Smartware would not load. It just hung at the startup logo. I used the diagnostics software to no avail, then removed WD Smartware from the computer and reinstalled it. It still hangs.

Can someone help me at least get the WD Smartware to work once again? Better yet, advice on how to back the two networked laptops and USB connected My Book drive will be much appreciated. I’m open to buying another 3rd party software, but having read product descriptions all day, I am only more confused than I was before beginning.

After installing and uninstalling WD Smartware several times, I finally got it to work … sort of. Now it loads the software and sees both the source and target drives, but Smartware is excluding all of the files on the My Book drive, which is the source drive.