WD SmartWare Backup

Hi all

    I have had my book live 2tb  for a week and all seems fine apart from I can not do a back up when I click on smartware Home I can see my computer and its drives on the left but I don’t have a icon to click on the right to show my WD drive.

Could it be my antivirus software firewall  blocking it or the router security blocking it. Also when I installed the drive I could not use the install CD as it kept saying I did not have the WD drive on my network so I mapped it manually .

      thanks in advance


Hi, it could be a firewall problem, try to disable it for a moment and then try again to see if it works. Also be sure to have the latest Smartware version installed, also check if you have the latest firmware for the my book. Check the links below.  



hi Alucardx23

                      Thanks for your reply.

                         i have tried turning off firewall  still same, have latest update and firmware. was thinking about uninstalling and the reinstalling smartware.