Had to reinstall SmartWare - now what...?

I just realized My Book hard drive hasn’t been backing up anything for months! eeks! WD Utilities and Quick View were the only WD things I could find in my programs. So, I reinstalled the Smartware. Now what do I do to get it to back up what it hasn’t been backing. It said it successfully backed everything up, but I see some newer folders are totally missing. What do I do? Thanks!

I am having similar issues - I recently put up a WD Community post one day ago on Dec. 5th titled “WD Smartware not backing up new files and edited files”

Can anyone help with solutions to get this WD Smartware software to work properly?

This software seems to have major development issues because the software program will not back up new files and edited files to my backup folders in the WD SmartWare.swstor folder on the external drive after the first full backup. I am now backing up new files and edited files by coping and pasting over to the WD SmartWare.swstor folder, which makes the WD Smartware software pointless to have on my PC. The only way to get WD Smartware to backup new files and edited files is to uninstall and re-install the software. However, that “fix” only works the first time after re-install and then it is the same backup issues again, which is that the software is unable to find newly created files or newly edited files in the folders for which I have selected in the file directory for backup.

If you want to find similar backup problems, check out this WD Topic thread, “WD SmartWare v. 2.2.0 does not backup new Folders/files unless you rename it” started in October 2013. I am having exactly the same issues currently with Smartware version 2.4.12.as many WD Smartware users described two years ago. So, after over two years of this backup issue, has WD taken any steps to solve this problem in their Smartware software?

Wow! What can we do? I’ve never had a problem like this before with a My Book external hard drive. Thank you, Steven for speaking up.