Smartware 2.4.1 doesn't backup or update files and folders

The original backup of my files and folders was fine.  Since then, new files and folders are not added to the backup and modified files are not updated in the backup.  All files and folders are correctly present and checked under the backup tab but they just aren’t backed up or modified.  I’m running Windows 8.1.  Right now WD Smartware is useless to me; any idea what the problem is?

I’m having the same problem.  First time was fine and then I would make changes but when I checked to see if it backed up, no go.  I tried disabling backup and then enabling it again.  I also had a case open with support but they did not find a way to fix it.  Finally when I checked for updates in the software it worked like it was supposed to but now it’s back to ignoring the addition of new files or copying over changed files.  As well, when you go into ‘WD SmartWare.swstor’ there are four versions - three from the day I installed the software about two months ago and one for the current day but without the new files.

Do you have the same thing?  Figured I’d check before posting a new thread.

Hi there

Same problem-  usual backup  done each Sunday and last week went to look for back up date to make sure all was OK, said last back up 23/6/14. So this week checked again ,same problem , reported it , waiting for response. Noticed there are several similar ones earlier in the year under slightly different subjects