Smartware not so smart?

As a newbie I see quite a few comments here about the apparent failings of the latest version of Smartware. Has anyone actually got the program to work properly? I go through the motions to do a back-up to a 2TB My Cloud, which was the whole purpose for buying it, and it consistently gives up the ghost after a few GB and goes into an endless sulk. What are the alternatives for simply keeping a running back-up of my system?

Hi, click on the link below and see if the instructions provided will help solve your issue. If not, then it would be best for you to contact support so you can get the device running properly.

Have you read all of the information and Help that is provided with SmartWare? Here is a link to download the User Manual too.

Thank you for this. I hadn’t anticipated using back-up software to need so much study! In the end I was successful by following some leads from this forum - notably a lot of tinkering in services.msc.