Auto login


I have seen the same question a few times, but I have not found the answer I need so here I go.

I have mapped my storage on my window session and I am the only one using my laptop.

I want a kind of auto login with my “My Cloud” so that I don’t have to type my credential everytime i want to access it.

Thanks for the help.


Windows, if using Windows, should remember the username and password when accessing a My Cloud device. Sometimes the Windows Credentials Manager will store the information. Windows generally doesn’t like mixed credentials, using more than one username/password when accessing an network attached storage device like the My Cloud.

You can have Windows auto login at startup to a mapped Share by selecting “reconnect at sign-in” when initially mapping the share through Windows File Explorer.


Hi Bennor,

Thank you for the advice. I tried what you did but it did not work…

You could try creating an entry in the Windows Credential Manager for the My Cloud with the My Cloud Dashboard created user name and password and see if Windows will auto login when accessing the My Cloud.

Thanks again.

The entry is already there.

I will try to wait next boot for 10 minutes and see if it auto login after that.