Auto Login option?

The WD Discovery app is set to run on my laptop startup. Is there anyway I can set it to automatically login as well?

There is not any way to auto login on computer startup. You can try to make your computer to remember the credentials so that whenever you computer boots up. All you just need to do is to click on login.

Really ? ! ? !

A network drive that is not available when a computer signs on to a network? That seems like a major issue to me: in fact it is.

I just bought and set up my new My Cloud Home Duo this week and now I am finding that I can’t get my systems to access it when they boot up because someone has to manually click a button ?

I do like this product, but I must say it is boggling to think that someone would purposely design a NAS that requires manual intervention to access.

Is there a command line option or some other way to get around this flaw?

The My Cloud and My Cloud Home are different devices with different options and features.

On the My Cloud one can “map” a Share so that it is accessible after a computer boots.


In Windows one would select “reconnect at sign-in” to have Windows link to the Share at every boot.

Not sure what one can do with the My Cloud Home Duo. There is a specific subforum for that device where users of that device may be able to assist.