How to auto mount MyCloud EX2 Ultra after MacOS restart/reboot

Hi All

I have a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra that I would like to be automatically mounted when I need to reboot or restart any of my Mac’s. Currently I need to locate the drive each time I restart any of the 4 Mac devices on my apple only network.

is there a way of doing this please?


Drop the share into the open at startup window in the settings and voila.

Wowza… I have been a Mac user for 20+ years and never knew or even thought of doing that! Cheers.

I tried it, and though it does go through the motion of connecting, it still asks me for the login username and password rather than logging in with a set user. Maybe this is the correct way, not sure, would prefer if it could be logged in on boot, but this does work for me, so huge thanks Austin.

The login credentials need to be saved into the keychain, you should have a box to tick when entering the login credentials.

Yep, I did do that Austin, ensured checkbox ticked to save details to the keychain then restarted the Studio again to test the process, but was still asked to enter the NAS login name and password.

I can live with it as it isn’t often I restart the Studio, though on the other machines I use such as the MacBook Air, this is restarted often so may have to just deal with it :slight_smile:

Despite my age I am pretty savvy re tech, but I am totally new to anything related to NAS, and I really do appreciate your help, Austin, thank you.


I have no clue of your age (despite the 20y old long experience) and not questioning your savvyness. :slight_smile:

I guess you can look into keychain and remove all things related to your NAS address and try again. There is no reason this should not work!

Are your NAS and Macs all updated?

Only joking around re my age, didn’t mean to suggest anything. it was more of a self deprecating comment :slight_smile:

Yep, all totally up to date, the NAS and the Mac Studio. And yes I agree, it should work but I have no idea why it isn’t saving those credentials. I’ll try what you suggest.

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I use Acronis backup software for mac/windows network and credentials ARE a problem with new software updates and security updates and I have to re-do some of them.

(I no longer do even use timemachine backups to my WD NAS systems )

Even on my Synology NAS units I trip over the credentials settings.

I need to remember to take a picture of my 1984 MAC next to my Mac studio.