New to NAS


I picked this up to start and backup stuff on my home PC for business use and to access it as a dnla server. I am ffamilar with NAS and how they work, but am new to using them. I managed to make my way through setup, and see the folders and stuff. Is there anything I should know about using it. I turned off the mac stuff since I don’t have a mac,I see i can also access it via explore as well, would say mounting it as a drive in windows cause issues if I wanted to access network files?

I have a unit I use for all the members of my household to share files and do backups. We use the public area and have a folder for each of us and a briefcase folder for shared files. By making a shortcut on the desktop getting there is easy.

I figured I’d probably mount the drive as well, I also heard some iffy things about goodsync, and that you should disable indexing. Is that still true?

I take it you have a second gen EX(2?). If so, and its been updated to OS5, indexing is necessary for remote access (why, oh, why?). Indexing is a sloooooooooooow process but once the initial indexing has completed its not too bad.

If by mounting, you mean mapping it as a local drive, it works fine, I haven’t had any issues.

I just got it, so yes it has OS5 on it out of the box, seems silly that there no option to easily turn off indexing. Windows can do it, yet this can’t. There nothing on the drive yet as I waiting for a new internal to come in.

I have a WD Ex2 Ultra. How can I see what OS I am on? My firmware is 5.18.117, which is very different to what is being recommended for upgrade? I can’t see an OS 5 upgrade option, and the cloud symbol looks like OS3 version. Please help me understand what to do…

Ok great thanks… not sure when that upgraded…