A few questions from a newbie

Hello all, I am a newbie when it comes to this whole back up/ nas thing. I have a few questions, I would like to ask you all. If you finding reading all this bothersome you can skip down to the paragraph labeled problems and questions.
I am generally ignorant when it comes to this whole back up/ nas thing. I did some preliminary research (did not do enough), watch some YouTube videos and read some amazon reviews. From this, I decided upon the ex2 (purchase the 8 tbyte model). I figured the ex2 would be a good device for a beginner to cut his teeth on.
I own a Surface Pro 2, that serves as my tablet, laptop and desk top (hook up to monitors, keyboard, mouse,.etc,). It is my everything device. I am not sure what type of router I have, it is one I got from Comcast (I will update this when I get home).
My Goal
Initially (my goals have changed, my new goals are listed further down), I was planning to back up my computer, all my files and essential programs. I was also planning to stream music and movies to my computer.
I have no problem with learning as I go, my main concern however is making initial assumptions that I do not fully understand or that would negatively affect me later or long term (simple example would be changing the raid configuration). Which is why I am asking these questions.
Problems 1
After setting up my ex2, I realize that I may have over estimated my ability to achieve my goals with the ex2. There seems to be so many different options, software, etc. It kinda driving me nuts.
Questions 1

  1. Whats the general consensus on some of the best software programs to back up a computer, files and essential programs as well as restoring my computer? How does the accompanying software from wd rank amongst these selections?
  2. Is there any other software I should be concerned about.getting?
    Problem 2
    I am also thinking about expanding the storage on my SP2 (while docked) via usb 3 using the WD 4TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive. My goal is to set it up with raid 0 (purely to expand my storage). I also plan to back up my entire hard drive as well as to unload all but the most essential files and programs to it ( leaving my sp2 with only the data I need for work) and additionally use it as storage for all my music and movies. In this scenario I would use the ex2 to back up the usb drive as well as stream movies and music to my surface (when not docked),tv, etc.

Questions 2

  1. As I understand it, the usb 3.0 should be good enough to stream music and hd movies (1080p) to my computer am I wrong with this assessment?
  2. Considering my goal (2), Would another nas be a better solution? Is there a better solution?
    Problem 3
    My overall plan is to use onedrive for the files I feel comfortable storing in the cloud. The usb drive as a back up as well as to add storage to my sp2. The ext2 as a back up to the usb drive as well as to stream movies, etc to my sp2 when not docked (while home). I will also take my sp2 everywhere I go, so I will always have my most essential data with me.
    Question 3
  3. Is this a suitable data back up plan for a novice / home use?
    Problem 4
    I plan on putting a passcode on my account and encypting all the files.

Question 4
1)what should I be aware about when doing this?
2) what other security precaution should I be aware about?

I have a boat load of other questions, but I guess this will do for now. I would like to thanks those who took the time to read and respond to my questions, I am sure it gets bothersome to answer newbie question especially when a lot of questions are similar, again thanks.

Hi there, I’ll take a shot at answering your questions to the best of my knowledge.

As you would like to backup programs the WD Smartware will not do, you can use Windows Backup which should be installed on your surface pro.

Not really unless your goals Expand.

You are correct USB 3.0 is good enough to stream 1080p moves to your SP2.

The EX 2 should accomplish this, I have one and used to have a Sony VAIO and I was able to stream movies 720p via wireless, I had an old router which was kind of slow, but with a good router you should be fine.

Yes sir, is always recommended to have a second copy of the important information. As long as you accomplish this, you are set.

I don’t understand this question, can you please expand?

Make sure that your router has a firewall, if you don’t know check with your service provider. Make sure that the important information is saved in a private share not a public.