Simple step by step NAS instructions?

EX2 Ultra 4 TB (which is really 1.9 TB, talk about misleading advertising). We bought the unit because of the “simple to setup” glowing reviews. Nothing but frustration! We want no bells and whistles, just a network accessible storage on the LAN. Thats it! No phone ■■■■, no internet access, nothing else. We’ve tried mapping to the drive and it doesn’t work. Are there any step by step instructions for bare minimum required for setting this up as a shared hard drive accessible to anyone on the LAN? At this point we can’t even figure out how to save the files to the darn thing? Simple my %$%#!

Got it connected using instructions from a different company’s NAS. Now to figure out why 13.5 GB transferred on to the ex2 with 1.9 TB of space leaves less than 400GB free space on the device.

Maybe you should not use instructions for a different company’s NAS and use the instructions for yours. Do you have the complete user manual? If not, go to Support at, find the support for your device and it’s user manual and download it so you can refer to it.

Outstanding recommendation Mike, thanks for the tip. Maybe you could point me to where in the WD manual it explains in detail about drive mapping? I’m old and must have missed it when browsing through the manual (before posting my frustration on this forum). And yes we tried the “How to map a mycloud…” on the WD support web page where the manual is downloaded, which didn’t work. Only when we typed in the unit’s IP address, which is what the other brand of NAS instructions clearly said to do, did it work. And while I might be a IT ■■■■■, I also enlisted the help of a 25 year old, who’s young and flexible mind surely should have immediately grasped the highly intuitive WD setup, but alas, no success there either. Should I have downloaded the manual and read every page of the manual in detail before even opening the box? I’m not sure how much that would have helped since I read it last night and still have way too many unanswered questions. So much for “easy setup”. Shame on me for falling for the online reviews of the “Top Ten Best NAS” and the like.

Now to decide if its best to scrap the little nightmare and cut our losses or spend way to much time trying to make it work the way it should. Like why only 13.5 GB in a public folder somehow generated 1.6 TB of “other” that is leaving only 433 GB of storage free? Anyone want to buy a almost new 4TB (really less than 2TB) EX2? Clearly the wrong product for a simple, easy to setup, no frills NAS to be used as a shared network hard drive with RAID. Lesson learned at the company’s expense. Very frustrating and disappointing.

Jim I am sorry I do not have the time to walk you through all this, but WD has so call them. You have also purchased support from them, See below link: