Drag and Drop

Hey everyone, I am not a technical pro so I need some advice from the pros.

I recently purchased a MyCloud Ex 2 Ultra for Home Backup.

I am a Mac user.

Besides backing up my files I am also wondering if I can create a sort of drag and drop folder like dropbox or Google Drive? If yes, how?

Thanks and best


you can make folders for your user on the web interface (http://lanipofyourex2).
and share them on the network.
then you click windows button + r and type \lanipofyourex2 and then you right click on the folders you shared and map those folders as drives on your “My Computer”. And drag and drop files like its your partitions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. How do I do it for Mac?

On a Mac, I guess you open up Finder, going to Network and then click “connect as” on your NAS. Using the login credentials you typed in for admin or a user you have made :slight_smile:

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That worked! Thank you so much!