User accounts on laptops vs on the My Cloud


I have a question about user accounts that are used to login to the My Cloud from a new laptop.

If I am connecting to the My Cloud from a laptop or mapping a drive for regular use, does the system initially try and use the same user name / account as is on the laptop? i.e. if my laptop username is Declan, will Windows try and connect to a user account called Declan on the My Cloud?

On a related note, are there are good threads or articles on setting up user accounts on the My Cloud and related devices? The WD Help section is really basic rather than having some applied scenarios.



Unless you map the shares and select ‘connect using different credentials’, then, yes, it will use your PC user credentials. This causes regular problems for people who connect to the Public share (using the default PC credentials),:and then try to connect to their private shares, with their MyCloud credentials. Windows won’t allow that; all network shares have to be connected using the same credentials.

@dec1anm Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

Have you visited the Learning Center?

Thanks cpt_paranoia, that’s helped.

I’m still getting a minor issue on one laptop where it pops up with login prompt when I try to connect to a share, even though I am able to access I’m able to access other shares from the same laptop. It’s as if it remembers logon credentials from a previous time I’ve accessed that share, and these credentials are different to the account I’m already using.

I’m thinking I might be running into the issue you mention where all shares must be accessed using the same credentials. But I don’t see how I can ‘clear’ remembered credentials.

I can live with this one as it’s not an important shared folder, and I’ve got the primary ones working fine now.

Thanks for your help.

Use Windows Credentials Manager to delete all credentials associated with the MyCloud, and start again…

Hi cpt_paranoia,

Thanks - I’ve come across Credentials Manager in the past but didn’t think that that might be the solution here!

Thanks again,


It is.

Make sure you enforce ‘other credentials’ when you map drives. The Public share, being public, will connect with any credentials, and, unless you force them, Windows will supply your Windows credentials.