Mycloud user login mess!

Since I’ve installed MyCloud every action I made gives a negative bad surprise
After struggling 4 days I finaly get a “normal” acces to my drive from my two PC on my Private Network

This morning after copying all my music on the drive I had the idea add an user to give special acces to the music on the drive

So I go to the Dashboard and select “User” option .
At this point in time there were only one user : admin
So I enter the new one with a password and my email address
Now a new mess start !
1- I loose access to my drive from the PC used to add the new user
2- To get access again I have to fill a security window with my new user name and password
3- I’ve tryed admin but it didn’t work
3- With that new user I have again access to everything from PC1
3- However my Other PC PC2 still have access to the drive without any changes
4- But if from my PC2 I want to open the folder created for My new user I have to fill the security window

That WDMycloud will drive me crazy

Have you read through the User Manual for your version of My Cloud? Use the following link and scroll down to the UM for your version.

Are both computers in the same Workgroup?

Yes My two computer are with the same Workgroup AND I’ve also set that WorkGroup in WDMycloud Settings


The more I hear the more I’m under the impression that MYCloud will work better on Apple and is not really compatible for Windows !
However How can I reset my MyCloud credential from the two computer to be sure that it is Admin on both ?

It seems that the answer is Simply “Reboot the machine”

So it means that if I add a share or an user from one machine on the Local Network the other machine apparently need to reboot to get proper access to the changes

Edit : in fact I think that the machine used to make the changes have to restart also !

It’s a Windows thing, and not a fault/limitation of the MyCloud. The MyCloud is perfectly compatible with windows.

The idea is that each MyCloud user connects to network devices as a single user. You can give each MyCloud User access to any shares you choose. But that user must connect to the MyCloud with their MyCloud user credentials.

The best way to connect to MyCloud on Windows is to map Shares as network drives; force the use of your MyCloud credentials, and specify ‘re-connect at logon’. You can then use shares as named drives like any other drive connected directly to your computer.

Use the windows credential manager to manage credentials…

You’ve bought a network attached storage device. To use it, I’m afraid you will have to learn some basics of how your computer works with network devices.

And you really should read the MyCloud User Manual.

LOL. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. :smiley:

The My Cloud works perfectly fine with Windows. If anything Mac users, particularly with later OS X versions seem to have a variety of issues with the My Cloud. Some of those issues appear to have been introduced by Apple. Microsoft too has in the past introduced an issue that caused problems with accessing the My Cloud which is why if one is using Windows 10 they must ensure they have all the Windows 10 updates installed.

As to your issues. We cannot stress this enough. Read the My Cloud User Guide, read the My Cloud Dashboard Help. Understand what a User is that you create through the My Cloud Dashboard, and how it can have its User permissions set for a Private Share.

One of the main problems people run into is trying to use TWO different My Cloud User credentials in Windows to access Shares. When they cannot do so they blame the My Cloud. The fact is it is a Windows limitation that one must use a SINGLE My Cloud User to access the My Cloud Shares. The workaround is to grant that User access to all the Shares they need access too. One can manage the Windows credentials through the Windows Credentials Manager. It is a hassle that Windows only allows for a single User credential to be used with the My Cloud but that’s not the My Cloud fault. One could always use the My Cloud Dashboard for an alternate User credential or use FTP if one needs to use multiple User credentials (log out and in under a different credential).

thank you bennor
Yes I’m starting to figure out the full picture the tips to get the path in this maze

In a few week (and one two night night for RTFM) I will probable feel more comfortable to use MyCloud :slight_smile:

By reading the User Manual I’ve just realized the Biggest mistake from the purchased Package !

There is a little notice inside showing a steps installation
1- Connect everything
2- Wait a non-flashing ligt on the device
3- Launch >

But if I read the Full manual is says to download the setup from

This is not the same

And the funny thing is that the link mentionned in the Manual explain to go to
To get the Manual :laughing:

And more funny If I launch that installer is scan for a while then says that there is no WDMycloud at all !
Luckily I don’t trust it ! (in fact this is not funny at all)
So I can continue to work without paying attention

I know that I will hear again this is a Windows Issue etc
But I thing that there are a lot of WDMycloud issue too and it can be efficient to care about these first before to wait Microsoft to make improvement to dialog more smoothly with WDMycloud

WD are far from perfect. The firmware and apps are flaky. The user manual is cobbled together, and inaccurate or out of date in places. They keep mucking about with their website resources.

There’s not much us users can do about this. If you’re unhappy, contact 'WD.

As for device setup, I’d always recommend doing everything from the Dashboard; the automated setup tools dont help you understand how the device works, and is overly-keen to install a whole raft of unnecessary software onto your computer.

See the user manual for details of how to configure the device from the Dashboard; IMHO, it’s the better part of the manual…

Thanks a lot cpt_paranoia

Yes I agree this is an efficient advice
And would be even more efficient if some WD Engineer would like to take the time to put their nose in these forum to find some clue for possible improvement !

We all wished that would happen, Over the years WD Support has degraded, Firmware not fully tested before release, and canned answers to most issue. The members of this forum are probably, other than RMA, the most knowledgeable when it comes to how the Mycloud works and it’s idiosyncrasies.

As cpt_paranoia mentioned … it is best to setup the Mycloud from the dashboard and avoid the WD installation software hassles.