How to access password protected folder from windows7

When I login using the mycloud program I can login and get a mapped driveletter to connect to mycloud.

The I can login and acces my files.

But I want to create a permanent mapping with login via windows.

The normal windows login for the folder does not work The username password are not accepted.

I need this becaus I want to permanetly synchronizing some folders. ( I do not want some compressed form that backup does)

And I need the password becaus my kids are also on the network and not allowed to see that data.

I used to do this with an USB drive but that one died and therfore I bought the My cloud.

I sure hope anyone can help me with this. becaus otherwise this this is useless for me.

Maybe this can be done from the my cloud app with an auto start? But I could not find howto.

If this is not possible I will reset the device to factory settings and return it to the shop.

Then I will buy a new USB drive again andt use that on my own PC like before.


Map the Drive.

-use Different Credentials checkbox checked

-Reconnect on boot (or something like that)

Create User in to the Wd Cloud with access to that share.

Then login with.





and then password