At each restart of computer the indentical firmware update happens

Hello all of you, I am new in this Community and it is with respect I shall read and consider all posts, and among them of course those concerning the issues I couls encounter.

WD My Cloud 3To works perfectly though it took a time for me to perfectly understand all considerations to manage before having a perfect stable situation and a full satisfaction.

I use this “My Cloud” only to store very fastly data created by any of my computers and being able to acces for reading or updating some of them immediately, from anywhere I am.

When using the device through my private internal “cabled net” (every day), each time I start or restart the first computer I get a notification mentioning that “the new firmware formy Cloud is being downloaded”, after a few seconds a new notification mentioning the installation is being applied, and then a 3rd notification mentioning it was successyl installed.

The issue is that this is being repeated several times a day even when all 3 computers are running, and the “code” of the update is always the same:

I do not understand why this happens…
When this happens, it takes a long time before all computers can communicate again with it as it only reappears on my private net at least one hour later !

Did some of you had this issue or is somebody among you able to explain to me why this happens and how I can fix this issue ?

I thank you all in advance !

Hello all of you,
I forgot to mention 2 of my PC’s are running Win 7 and the third one Win 8.1; each of them being cable-concected on my private network.
External devices are Samsung Tablet Note 8 and iPad Pro 12,9" 512Go.
All these devices communicate good with “WD-My Cloud”


Have you rebooted your My Cloud to see if that will stop it. It should have rebooted on its on once the firmware update was completed, but maybe it failed to do that. What do you have setup for notifications in the dashboard?

There is a newer update already out, if you want to check that out and download it for installation.

Thank you cat0w !
I followed your advice by rebooting the device first, it happened very good.

I then checked on the dashboard if there was an update available for my device and the answer was “your version is the last available, 2.30.196…”

I finally activated the “check my device” and the result was that no issue was found.

I am now going to wait for a few days and see if it still instal the “so said” firmware…

Thank a lot anyway for your advice and help !


Le dim. 21 oct. 2018 à 13:34, cat0w a écrit :

@pfgbel The new update is a manual download as written in the topic.

I have already updated my 2nd generation My cloud.


In the Dashboard under Settings>Notifications what do you have?

This is the message I received after updating mine.


For some reason WD is not making this firmware version an automatic download. You need to manually download the firmware from WD’s web-site and then use the manual firmware update option on the NAS.

Thank you Myron, I do appreciate your advice !
I first made a 4 sec. reset as recommended by the support and now the issue disappeared.
Now I’ll download manually the firmware update in order to instal it but I never reach the exact place where to find the “download” I go through so many different screens in order to finf it but never get the real download page !
It would have been so simple to just mention the direct download address, why to do things so complicated when it can be so simple and fast ??
Thanks again anyway for your kind advice.

Links to the latest firmware for the single bay/single drive My Cloud units:
First Gen v4.x:
Second Gen v2.x:

Thank your for the precious links, Bennor !
The question is: how can I know if I have a “MyCloud” vers. V4.x or vers. V2.x ???
I find the information nowhere, not on the labels of the device, not in the infos of the dashboard… !
Thanks so much because I’m going to stop all this which is supposed to save time and make life easier…

The My Cloud Dashboard indicates the currently installed firmware version.

Or, if one cannot access the My Cloud Dashboard, see the P/N number on the bottom of the single bay/single drive My Cloud housing. If the P/N number ends with “-00” then it is a first gen My Cloud. If it ends in “-10” it is a second gen My Cloud.

Thank you so much, I finally know my device is of the 2nd generation thanks to the infos you transmitted to me !
I could download the new firmware AND succeeded in installing it manually with success…
I am so happy it is finally ok, you cannot imagine !
Thanks a lot to you !!