MYCloudMirror won't update to new firmware version

Hi -

I got an email from my device telling me there was new firmware.  WHen I logged into the dashboard, it showed my current version (1.something) and the new version, but when I tried to upgrade, it immediately said my firmware was up to date.  And now it doesn’t even show the new version number.  

I went to the WD site to see if I could manually download and update the firmware, but the version online wss not what I remembered the new version was supposed to be and I wasn’t sure if it was for my device.

I’m showing that I currently have firmware version 1.05.36.

ANy sgguestions?  



There are some issues with the new firmware (check other topics) so maybe WD keeps it offline now

Looks like they’re doing some type of controlled rollout or someting because a few of my devices upgraded and few have not.

Western Digital has begun to slowly roll out the latest firmware for our MyCloud product in support of the new My Cloud OS 3 operating system. Once fully rolled out, MyCloud OS3 will support such features as a Software Developer Kit (SDK) enabling enhanced app integration, a more intuitive user interface delivering a rich content-sharing experience, and back-up and sync capabilities that elevate the personal cloud NAS offering while retaining the privacy and control unique to personal cloud devices physically located in the home or office.

WD will have these new features available for customers on the latest code late September of 2015.