Asus Router Model RT-N66R Port problem with My Cloud please help

I am new to the community because I bought the My Cloud 6T And unable to access because according to WD Tech ports 80 and 443 are closed. After talking with Asus tech I believe I have it set correctly but am not positive about setting for “Port Range” and can’t get clarification from Asus or WD. My ISP is Hughes, I have talked to them, and they say that they are not blocking any ports. About ready to return My Cloud If I can’t access it remotely.

Have you enabled Remote Access on the My Cloud Dashboard?
How is remote access configured (Auto, Manual or Windows XP)?
If remote access is configured to auto, is the Asus router configured for UPnP (ie is UPnP enabled).
If remote access is configured to manual, is the External Port 1 (HTTP) set to 80 and External Port 2 (HTTPS) to 443?

While the following link shows how the configure port forwarding on the Asus RT-N66U to a WD My Book Live, the process should be identical to forwarding port 80 and 443 to the My Cloud.

Hi Bennor,

I appreciate your time and effort to help me with my problem. It looks like all I had to do was go to the cloud access and send my email address. I also set up the port forwarding from your instructions, and everything seems to be working after I received the email from Sounds simple enough but none of the (4) people at WD had me check that. It looks like I can now get started enjoying the product (after approx… 4-5 hours). You seem very thorough in your approach to my problem. Your company should also take the same approach. There are virtually no instructions sent with the My Cloud and the tech reps I talked with did not have the right approach to solving the problem.



Glad you got it working. Note that most here, including myself are not employed by WD. We are end users such as yourself who came here for one reason or another and stayed to help others.