My Cloud + Firewall issue


I’ve got a WD My Cloud and need to use it in our office. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem straight forward as a firewall has been set up. Does anyone know how to get around this issue please? I’ve got the Firewall details.


If you have not already done so it is recommended one read the WD My Cloud User Manual. It explains how to setup the My Cloud and how to configure/use the various features of the device.

Generally when Remote Access is initially enabled via Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Remote Access = On, there is no need to configure the network router / gateway firewall so long as the network router / gateway supports UPnP. If the router / gateway doesn’t support UPnP or it is disabled one can configure the My Cloud Remote Access manually, then use router / gateway port forwarding to establish remote access. See the following WD Support document for general instructions on how to setup the WD My Cloud Remote Access manually:

Then review your router / gateway’s documentation for how to setup port forwarding within the router /gateway to pass traffic on the ports specified in the manual configuration of the My Cloud Remote Access from the router / gateway to the My Cloud.

You need to open up port 443 (HTTPS) to your MyCloud device IP.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated