App to access on local network, not Cloud?

Just upgraded to OS5 but it looks like now we’re immediately redirected to to access my NAS. Unless I immediately press ESC when entering its local IP address.
Problem is I don’t want cloud access. I want my NAS not reachable from outside.
Now of course the Cloud mobile app doesn’t access it anymore.

Is there a way to access my files from iOS and Android on the local network at home, not from remote? Just by setting it to 192.168.nn.nn ?

Thanks for any light.

Steve J

Perhaps you can try SMB.
I am sure there are several APPs support SMB connection on Android.
But I don’t use iOS devices to manage files on the local network, so I am not sure what it will be on iOS, but I think it should support it too.

The My Cloud OS 5 web and mobile app do not support a “local only” connection.
However most iOS and Android File access apps support connecting to network devices using SMB, FTP, NFS and SCP (SSH).

Remote Dashboard access to the AdminUI dashboard is no longer supported in My Cloud OS 5.

My Cloud OS 5 Release Notes

Yes I have Infuse to access the files at least. And my AppleTV sees the files as well.
The rest is used only for backups, so I don’t really need them besides my desktop where I manage the environment. It was just useful now and then to find a file from my smartphone/tablet at home away from the desktop.

Steve J

Luckily I still have an old MyBookLiveDuo which works with the Android OS 3 app. I do my phone backups with that, and then I have had to set up a job with taskched.msc in my laptop to sync it over to the MyCloudEX2Ultra where I keep all my other photos. If they won’t update the OS 5 Android app, maybe they could update the OS 3 Android app so it could talk to the OS 5 device?

I use on my old iphone6 (ios 12.4.9) the FE File Explorer Pro. This App works cross dropbox,, the EX4100 and local shares in your network!
On the NAS I have enabled SMB3.
And if you do not need internet access to your NAS then disbale the cloud access for the specific user(s) via the dashboard

I hope the mobile APP can support local only mode, so that I can use the APP to backup my photos when there is no internet access.