New user: Can I only access MC on home network?

Is there a way I can access the MC direct iDevice to router to MC?  I don’t care to access the MC through the internet, just want to data dump phone items to MC while I’m at home.  My ISP connection is way to slow to transfer items through the net.

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Welcome to the Community.

You can access your WD My Cloud in your local network via WiFi and remotely via the Internet. Once your mobile device is connected to your WD My Cloud via the WD My Cloud app, your device will search for your NAS’s location.

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If you are local to your network, you may not need to use the MyCloud app.  If you have a file browser app installed on your iDevice, you should be able to configure it to see the MyCloud as a file server.

I have an iPad2, but for me, it doesn’t ‘just work’, and  I prefer to use my Android tablets that let me do what I want…

[gets iPad]

Ah yes. FileBrowser allows me to see everything on the MyCloud.  But almost nothing on the iPad.  Thanks, Ghost Nanny Jobs…

FileApp is a complete waste of space.

Thanks for reminding me how closed and useless the iPad is… If anyone knows of an iPad app that gives unfettered access to the entire 64GB file system on my iPad, please shout.  I can confirm that I am more than six years old, and can be trusted with full access to the computer I spent £550 on.

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Thanks for the input guys.  I will check out that FileBrowser app.  

Agreed on the Ipad, I like the simplicity but its way too simplified.  Definitely kicking myself in the butt for paying for one.

Is there a way to turn off the MC from trying to chat with the WD server?

nevermind think i got it to turn off the cloud remote access.