EX2 Ultra - Set up iOS Files app to access remotely

Hello dear community,

I would like to set up iOS Files app to access my EX2 Ultra when I’m away from home.
Like the pictures below but not locally.

What are the ports to open on my router to access the shares ?

Do you want to use SMB necessarily? I am not sure it’s possible without a VPN to your home network.

To my knowledge, the official option is to use the My Cloud app Files’ integration. If you install My Cloud app, a My Cloud locations should be offered in Files

Thanks for your reply.
Not necessarily SMB.

I already use My Cloud app but thing is I have another WD NAS device (WD My Cloud) and the app doesn’t allow to switch from one to another device.

I will check how can I set up a VPN to my home network.

It’s not shown on your screenshot.
I only own a single MyCloud NAS, the app does not allow to have multiple NAS under a single account?

It does in the WD My Cloud OS5 app but as stated on the support page

  • Switching between devices on Files app (Multi Device) is not supported

I managed to install a VPN on a raspberry and access my NAS through iOS Files app outside my local network.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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