Local Access Only


I have an EX2 Ultra. I am using the Mycloud OS5 App and all works ok with internet.

I have setup a VPN on my network and i blocked the EX2 Ultra from internet Access so that its only accessible on the Local network or via the VPN.

Since i did this, I am unable to connect to it via the app from the local nework or the VPN.

I did the same test with an WD Mycloud (White one) which operates on My Cloud OS3 and that works to the way i want it to.

Im just wondering is my test correct that the WD Mycloud OS5 wont work without the EX2 having internet?

If it is, is there a way to downgrade the firmware back to OS3 so i can get it to operate the way i want it to?


Not sure I understand this correctly.

How are you blocking the device from the Internet? Are you doing it by a router settings or something in the OS5?

When I block the device at the router, it also blocks access from different subnets. This prevents access from the Internet or via VPN

(The remote device is placed on a separate subnet from the NAS by the router. I have not found a way to prevent this.)

I expect the OS5 app Would not function if you were blocking the device from the Internet at the router. The device does not need the Internet to run, but the app does.