Another TimeMachine setup screwed after Update to FW 5.19

I know there are several threads about this already, but I couldn’t really find this specific problem and a solution:
My working setup for the last months was this:

  • Two separate MacBooks did their TimeMachine backups to my MyCloudEx2Ultra
  • Each of them had its own folder on the NAS, inside of each of these two folders lies one backupbundle file used by TimeMachine

This all stopped working about two weeks ago, which I only found out yesterday. No error messages or anything appeared. I just noticed that backups hadn’t been made. And I only now found out that it probably has to do with a FW update. It is real pain in the ass.

I played around a bit – unmounting, remounting, rebooting, changing stuff in MacOS time machine settings etc., but it leads to nothing.

Right now this is what happens: I can select the TimeMachine backup volume in the time machine settings of MacOS. This is where the old backupbundle lies. But TimeMachine then says that no backups have been made so far (oldest backup: none, last backup: none, etc.).
At the same time if I chose “Open TimeMachine” to scroll through the history of previous backups, this works and it leads me back to old backups from months ago. – Or better: sometimes this seems to work, then again not. So right now at the moment when I open TimeMachine again, it finds no old backups to scroll back to.

Logging into the configuration page of the MyCloudEx2, I see that I can configure the TimeMachine option. It is still turned on, I can select which Folder to back up to and chose its max size. As it used to be. I notice now that I can only chose one of the folders here, and this is then the one that is presented in MacOS TimeMachine settings as the only volume I can backup to. So it also seems that the possibility of having TWO TimeMachine Volumes, one for each of my MacBooks, is gone. (?)

This all is really fcked up. Yes, “fcked up” is the appropriate expression. And pain in the ass.
First WD constantly sends me idiotic reminder mails nagging me to do this stupid update, and then things just stop working. This TimeMachine backup setup of having two separate Macbooks back up to the same NAS was actually why I bought the MyCloudEx2 Ultra…

Anyone any ideas or solutions or similar problems?

Yes. I have spent the last 2 days trying to get my two Time Machines to back-up to my EX-2 ultra. I am faced with a choice: revert to the last Firmware (5.18) and have the capacity to easily backup my computers using Time Machine and lose mobile My Cloud and/ or internet access to my files from anywhere, or upgrade to Firmware 5.19 and lose the ability to use Time Machine and have full use of remote capability. There seems to be no option to have both at this time.

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Forgot: I wrote opened a ticket with WD a week ago and have not received and answer: if I get one, will post it here.

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