Time machie not detect WDMycloud

Hi all;

Since long time I was working with no problems with Mycloud EX2 and Timemachine, but suddenly starts to don’r made backup, and if go to choose the disk, not apperars over the timemachine screen.

I can get acces by web to the EX2 and also can see in the explorer and get acces,

Somebody have the same issue and fix it?

I don’t use a Mac or TimeMachine, so I cannot help you. But just to check, under Settings -> General -> Mac Backups, did you accidentally turn it off or change the Maximum Size? And under Shares, is your TimeMachineBackup folder set to Public?

H, all the config you told all ok. After to restore to default settings the system, start again to made backup wioth time machine, but at the 3 days, again no is detected for timemachine, but is detected as a network unit