Another FTP question -- but for internal IP Cameras

Hi all, first post on the site here. I want to set up a folder on my drive for recorded camera footage from my IP cameras on my internal network. No need to go outside at this time. My cameras can upload the images/video files to an ftp server, but i cannot figure out how to set it up. I’ve enabled FTP server in settings, have a static IP address for the drive, set up a separate folder just for IP camera feeds, and have the correct username and password for me. Any thoughts?

The settings on MBL are simple, if you are done with MBL FTP side configs, test it from any computer/tablet/phone with a FTP app or command. Once you get that going, figuring how to set the cameras would be next, which you should be able to find on the cameras manual or the vendor’s site.

Are you using the User name/password created through the My Cloud Dashboard?

Does the User account created through the My Cloud Dashboard have full access to the Share you plan to use as the IP camera upload location?

Are you using the correct remote directory location on the My Cloud within the FTP setup on the IP camera? An example of the remote directory on the My Cloud: /Public/Shared Videos

Have you checked the port settings on the IP Camera to ensure its using port 21?

Have you tried FTPing to a public folder? For example: /Public/Shared Videos

Have you tested FTP on a computer or mobile device on the same local network as a test?