Using NAS from network camera to store on WD Mycloud device

The setup of my “Mycloud” went very well. I am now trying to store pics and video from a network camera using the NAS feature. Having trouble determining the correct path so that images are routed directly to this drive rather then the on board SD card. Thanks!

Where on the My Cloud did you want to store the files from the network camera? The public folder or have you created a new Share folder?

I setup a folder called IPCAMERA_0

The network path would be something like:


Replace “wdmycloud” with your My Cloud name. Or replace “wdmycloud” with the IP Address of the My Cloud if the name doesn’t work or doesn’t get resolved properly on the local network.

You should set a static IP for the My Cloud if you haven’t done so already to avoid any potential issues.

You may have to use FTP (if the IP camera supports it) if the IP camera cannot access the My Cloud properly on the local network. To do so enable FTP via the My Cloud Dashboard. You may have to set the IPCAMERA_0 Share to Private and assign a User full access to it within the My Cloud Dashboard, then use that user name and password in the IP camera’s FTP settings.

Edit to add: If using FTP the remote folder (on the My Cloud) would be something like:


Thank you for the detailed response. I have tried multiple combinations if IP address/directories with no positive results. With a fresh brain in the morning I will explore the FTP option along with going to static IP for My Cloud. The solution must be a key stroke or two away! Thanks

FYI: These are Trivision NC-335PW-HD1080P camera’s I am trying to connect here. Cameras are working great with local storage (SD card) and through Android app.

Page 45 of the Manual :

The notation to use is slightly strange :wink: //IP-Address/share

Fairly straight forward instructions but still not getting it. User/Password are working and getting into the Mycloud dash with no issue. I see the drive and refresh regularly. Possibly a silly question; Can this drive really be set up as a NAS drive? There really are not that many variables here and find myself going in circles. I thank you for your assistance. When I eventually find the solution I will post here.

The My Cloud IS a network attached storage device (NAS). From an Amazon question TriVision Tech., LLC specifically mention a WD My Cloud.

As such there is probably a problem with the way you have configured the camera to access the My Cloud. Do you have a User setup (with password) specifically for the camera? Is the IPCAMERA_0 Share set to Private? If so is a User configured for Full Access to that Share? Have you used the Public Share folder as a test location to save the camera video? Have you experimented with the various options from the camera’s NAS Storage Setup screen? My guess is the NAS remote path would be JUST the IP Address of your My Cloud and the Store directory would be IPCAMERA_0.