Adding Security Camera Eufy

I recently purchased a WD My Cloud PR2100 NASand I am unable to load these cameras.

The WD community website says;
“If connecting the IP camera remotely then you have to enable FTP on the WD My Cloud (Dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> Network Settings) and then you have to configure your broadband router/gateway to forward the FTP port (usually 21)”.

I loaded my dashboard 》settings and there is no network setting available.

What must I do to connect my security camera system to the PR2100. Have I wasted my time & money buying this NAS storage system?


Click on the Network option on the left-side panel of the Settings page to enable FTP access. You could refer to the following link:

*Thank you for your reply.

As previously stated in my initial correspondence, the My Cloud apps that I downloaded DOES NOT have any reference to NETWORK, SECURITY or FTP choices under settings.

  • I have provided ScreenShots of both Android & PC apps to show my options provided.
    NB: I am loading them individually as I am restricted to two images.

  • This applies to both my PC Windows 10 app & Android app on my Samsung Tablet S3.*

  • The PC version has fewer features than my Android app version. Which is very annoying as I have to switch between the PC & Tablet depending on what I need to achieve*

  1. Is there another app that you are able to provide for both PC & Android??

  2. Is there something that I am missing?

  3. What else can I do?


Android Screenshots

Initial Android Login Screen and choices

Android Setting Selections

Screenshot_20200523-103951_My Cloud 1|375x500


PC Screenshots

*Initial Login Screen Dashboard

Settings Screen


Settings Screen Options - Enlarged Extract from above

Please note that Devices management is the only PC setting option available.

Screenshot_20200523-103951_My Cloud PC 2A  Settings