Ftp protocol for saving files from a cctv camera

I HAVE a wd mycloud 2TB.
I need to automatically send alarm files from a cctv camera not in the same net as the wdmycloud.
how can I know the ftp address to write in the cctv camera.

Note. The cctv camera is now uploading files to a third party ftp server and I have to pay


Have you checked the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) which explains how to activate FTP through the My Cloud Dashboard?

Once FTP is enabled, if the My Cloud is located in a remote location, one would also have to enable port forwarding (port 21) within the router/gateway the My Cloud is attached to. See the documentation for router/gateway for more information on how to configure that specific router/gateway for port forwarding.

Note that FTP is NOT secure. Typically the username/password is sent in the clear (i.e., unencrypted). There are various other threads that discuss methods of using SFTP or FTPS.


FTP is activated, and I am able to have append, retrieve, open files using the WD app.
so if I undertand, I have to make sure that port 21 is open for wd.
but I need the host: ex. ftp.cammy.com. and a username /password. There is no information about this is the library

FTP is separate and unrelated to the “WD app” (which ever one your using). Once FTP is enabled on the My Cloud, and port forwarding port 21 within the router/gateway is enabled (if needed); it is up to the FTP client within the camera or DVR/NVR to properly access the My Cloud’s embedded FTP server.

What model/brand camera are you using? Have you checked the camera’s user manual for more information on how to setup the camera to access a remote FTP server?

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Sign up a dyndns-service (eg. noip.com).

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thanks. understood.

camera are from ucam

See the Ucam Help documents, if you haven’t done so already, for more information on how to setup recording to an NAS (which is what the My Cloud is).

Install Guide & Full User Manual (all cameras): http://static.ucam247.com/upload/files/Camera_User_Manual.pdf
(Specifically FTP Alarm Sending/FTP Periodic Sending on page 42 and Send files in storage to FTP server on page 47 in the user manual.)
How to Enable Recording to a NAS Drive : http://static.ucam247.com/upload/files/UCam247_Recording_to_NAS_Setup.pdf
How to Enable Recording & Alerts (Email, FTP…) : http://static.ucam247.com/upload/files/UCam247_-_Enable_Motion_Recording__Alerts_1.pdf

Thank you. NAS! of course.