Remote access by my camera to FTP [pictures to MY cloud onanother network?

Florida Camera FTPs pictures to NC My Cloud

Camera on Florida network
WD My Cloud storage on NC network


  1. Get the WAN IP address for the router in NC (What is My IP)
  2. Get the local IP address for the My Cloud  in NC (ipconfig) 192.168.1.xx

Travel to Florida
In Florida
3. Setup the Camera  to FTP to the WAN IP address of the NC router (from step 1)  and the FTP port 8021 (
3. Get the WAN IP address of the router in Florida (What is my IP)

Back to NC
4. In the NC router port forward the WAN IP address of the NC router to the local IP address for the My Cloud  (  -->  192.168.1.xx)

Can someone tell me if the steps I have shown above will allow me to remote acces FTP from Florida at my NC My Cloud?  

Step 4. You just need to open the port 8021 on your router in NC to internal ip of WDMyCloud port 21.

I am already using port 21 for saving pictures from a local camera so I guess what your saying is that I don’t have to do anything except  use port 21 instead of 8021 in the camera setup.  Is that right?

That depends because you mentioned “from a local camera”. And when you said this, do you access locally via internal ip e.g. 192.168.1.xx? If this is the case and you need to access externally, then you’ll need to setup the port forwarding on port 8021 on your router to the wdmycloud:21. The forwarded port doesn’t have to be 8021, you can use 21 if it’s available.

Basically: -> 192.168.1.xx:21

OR if port 21 is free to use on your router: -> 192.168.1.xx:21

I have a camera in use today on the same network as the My Cloud. I am using FTP to record the pictures for that camera on My Cloud now.  I want to add a second camera that on a remote different network and use FTP to record on the My Cloud.  The local camera is working properly.  My question was about the remote camera that I am adding.

Sorry for an confusion.

Yes you’ll need to add the port forwarding for the external camera to access.