PR2100 Unable to connect my Eufy security Cameras

I recently purchased a WD PR2100 NAS to record footage from my “eufy” security home security cameras approximately one month ago . I have been unable to follow the instructions as the is no security or similar selection panel to initiate the connection on any of my PC or Android MyCloud, or WD Smartware installed programs. The PC software does not have the same access or selection choice panel as the Android; I have to change between the PC & Tablet. The tablet provides more choices from the selection panel.

I initially made a post on WD Community detailing the exact instructions that I tried to follow. To this, I received a reply by someone who did not seem to honestly read my post as they detailed precisely the same instructions that I detailed provided in my initial post as the resolution of my problem.

I replied to this post once again stating that those instructions work as the instructions selections did not appear on my WD software. I also included screenshots of my panels, both PC & Android. To date, I have not received a reply.

I hope someone on this site can assist me? I am a long term user of WD products, due to the lack of support from WD, at this time, I am not impressed with Western Digital or my WD PR2100 and would not recommend WD NAS. ..


My original reply to Jonty

  • Thank you for your reply.

As previously stated in my initial correspondence, the My Cloud apps that I downloaded DOES NOT have any reference to NETWORK, SECURITY or FTP choices under settings.

  • I have provided ScreenShots of both Android & PC apps to show my options provided.
    NB: I am loading them individually as I am restricted to two images.
  • This applies to both my PC Windows 10 app & Android app on my Samsung Tablet S3 .*
  • The PC version has fewer features than my Android app version. Which is very annoying as I have to switch between the PC & Tablet depending on what I need to achieve*
  1. Is there another app that you are able to provide for both PC & Android??
  2. Is there something that I am missing?
  3. What else can I do?


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Hi @PCS , did you have any luck? I chatted and unfortunately wasted time trying to get support. I hope you have a solution, I dont want to give up my PR2100, but it seems like that’s the direction I have to go.
Hoping you found a solution for your problem-