Access Denied to Shared Folder on Windows 10

I’ve been trying to set up user-specific shares on my EX 2 Ultra and I can’t “for the life of me” figure out how to do it. I keep getting access denied, no matter what I try.

I have three users and for now I’ve set up two shares “Oliver” and “Eva”. The respective usernames are “oliver” and “eva”. I’ve created a password for each. I’ve been trying to connect to the shared “Eva” with credential assigned to “eva.” See the images. I’ve made sure that the Windows Credential Manager does not have any profiles for MyCloud. When I try to access the shared folder on the network, I get prompted with the Windows credential login and once I enter the credentials I get the error.

Anyone had a similar issue?

The key to this issue is the message “Multiple connects to a server or shared resource by the same user” which is a Windows 10 Samba limitation and not a My Cloud issue. I’m guessing that you login to your Windows 10 user you Windows Online Account using your email address?? If so, that’s the problem.


  • create a new Windows 10 User but make sure it is a Local Computer Account and not an online account. You can give it any user name.
  • reboot and log into the local computer using the local computer username
  • access the My Cloud
  • when prompt for a password, use the username of oliver and that password and navigate into the Oliver share. From here you can access the Public share but never the Eva share unless you logout of Windows, Login in again and access the My Cloud using the eva username and password

Hope this help :frowning:

Thank you for the response! I changed my admin account type to local and now the “multiple connections” error no longer shows; however, I still get the “access denied” error. I’ve restarted my machine a few times and cleaned out the Windows Credentials as well.

What’s interesting is that when I access \MyCloud first time, I do get prompted for the credentials. I enter “oliver” and my password and I get access to the root level of \MyCloud. But when I try to access the shared folder “Oliver” which is has read-write access for user “oliver”, I keep getting access denied error.